Our Story . . .

As late as August 2022 the Messiah concert was considered canceled due to a lack of funding, and seemingly, that was that. Except, there were a few dedicated individuals who refused to accept the end to the Messiah in Hartland after 88 years.

The only solution was for Messiah to become 100% self-funded beginning with the 2022 event, so the Hartland Community Chorus became Hartland Messiah Chorus 501(C)3.

With only 12 weeks until the December 10 performance, we had no chorus, no director, no rehearsal venue, no rehearsal pianist, no performance venue, no organist, and no money. Missing any one of these seven essential items meant that performing Messiah in 2022 would be impossible.

However, in much prayer, there is much power! By mid-October, six of these seven essential items had been realized. Today, the only hole remaining is sufficient funding for a secure future.

Come join us for our 90th year on December 9, 2023.